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New projects designed by nespoli and Novara for Friul Mosaic Study

The new projects designed by Nespoli and Novara for Friul Mosaic Study represent original ways of production technique with new decorative patterns. They are refined products, entirely handmade with an high artistic value, specifically designed to be easily inserted in any sort of environment.

The company makes use of the technique of mosaic to create new surfaces for wall panels or floors of large dimensions. They are characterised by the flexibility of use, the versatility of the design, and the possibility to customize the results according to  type, subject, colors and materials.

The new collection is made of strips of stone and marble mixed between them with hues of different colors to create absolutely original designs and combinations with patterns that  can be replicated  and geometries that can replicate to infinity. Inspiring elements for Nespoli and Novara iare the nature in all its facets, the great works of art related to mythological themes and the most modern design.

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