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In Hong Kong everything is possible in a super effective system.

The international atmosphere and experience of Hong Kong depend on many factors and one of these is represented by the fact that all the people here are foregneirs, all temporary, including the Chinese population. China is going fast in the field of internationalisation and Hong Kong, one of the two Special Administrative Regions along with Macau, is a clear example of this phenomenon. Here we move in an atmosphere of tolerance, freedom, and efficiency from which those living and working here can easily take advantage.
The bureaucracy is an evil mechanism invented by France to avoid inefficiencies in the postal system and today it is present in all the societies of the world, including Hong Kong. But here it’s managed in an efficient way.
The British merchants invented Hong Kong, a rock at that time uninhabited at the mouth of the Pearl River, just to escape the controls and the bureaucracy to which they were forced to and today, unlike what often happens in Europe and in the Western world, the bureaucracy is not an obstacle for the activities that take place in Hong Kong, because it is handled with the right policy.
The quality of services in Hong Kong is excellent, and that’s true, but here life is good primarily because Hong Kong is a comfortable city where you move freely without fear of theft or other. The police is a friendly presence and the unpleasant occurances are sporadic.
This element and the “certainty of law” make Hong Kong peculiar and particularly suited for living and establishing a working activity. The scheme of taxation and the almost absence of excise duties are just the icing on the cake!

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